Zuzuka Poderosa

Zuzuka Poderosa performs baile funk in her own unique and special fashion.
She was originally born in Victoria, Brazil, but grew up as a child in Rio.
Later on, she moved to Brooklyn in New York, where she performs a lot of
shows to this day. Poderosa really is one of a kind. Most musician's hire
management to help guide them through shows and record deals. However,
she is a one-woman show. No manager or agent that tags along. It is just her,
the microphone, and the sweet music she produces.


Over the last couple of years, Poderosa has played a predominant role in New York City in introducing baile funk. She has been ripping up the DJ booth and enlightening the rave scene since the 90s now. Her main influence has come from the New School in Manhattan where she studied jazz vocal improvisation. In addition to her education in Manhattan, she also deejayed classic Brazilian music on her free time in clubs downtown.

It was not for long until Poderosa found a microphone in her hand. Originally, she just spun beats as a DJ, but not long after did she begin rapping and singing in Portuguese over extreme electric beats and Latin percussion. She has been able to pack the clubs of New York City into standing room only. She has a very noteworthy pitch that comes off as aggressive but at the same time fun and enjoyable to listen to. Most people say that her style lives and breathes off being sexy and gritty.

The most interesting part about Zuzuka Poderosa's baile funk style is that you do not even need to understand the Portuguese words she uses; as long as you like to vibe to inducing rhythms and dance with the music, you will have a complete understanding of her work. She really puts her own personal twist into the baile funk tradition. Since she is part Brazilian and Indonesian, she likes to call her take on the music as an "interracial music baby".


Although Poderosa has made her music worldly pronounced for some time now, her most impressive jam was recently released called, "Mas come Você." With that being said, she blew away everyone on the charts in Singapore and received extreme recognition for her work. Following her single "Mas come Você" she featured in a video with Brazilian hip hop starMarcelo D2. That video was recognized by MTV Brazil and got nomination for clip of the year.

Due to such recent success, she has been able to obtain appreciation from fan bases across Europe and in electronic music centers in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and Copenhagen.

Zuzuka Poderosa's Top Hits:

  1. "Mas come Você"
  2. "Ai Voce Gosta (Kassiano)"
  3. "Digital Lover (NeuroticBass)"

It goes without say that Zuzuka Poderosa is in the uprising as one of the more qualified Portuguese DJ's, rappers and overall performers. Her notable blend of Dunk and NYC rumble has given her a swagger that no one expected. To this day, she is still making serious moves to become more and more famous. As of recently, she was approached to be a part of a national ad campaign in Japan. Expanding her music to Japanese audiences will only inflate her skills more. Now under the name of "DJ Babyfresh", she is now in collaboration with Le Poisson Rouge; which showcases new tropical sounds from all over the world.

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