Baile Funk


by Chasity Clayton, Jordan Murphy, and Kelly Terry

Baile Funk is a fierce style of music that is filled with the excitement of the Brazilian people. Baile funk has branched out across the world, although it is mostly found in the favelas (ghettos) of Rio de Janeiro. Through the music of Baile funk, we have a way to connect to the inner city residents in Brazil and, while listening to the lyrics, begin to understand the struggles they face. We caution you that much of baile funk is raw and a bit uncensored, but it is an identity for a large percentage of it's listeners and we want you to understand it fully— in all of its raw, gritty glory. Please explore! In our sections, we take a deeper look at the aspects of this amazing music. We encourage you to take your time and watch our videos, so that you can get a feel of what a true performance is like! Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our exposition of baile funk.


Topics of Baile Funk Research

How and where did Baile Funk start and what is it's history by Macy Blomeley

Music set and clothing for performances of Baile Funk artists by Jacquy Aristhene

Types of instruments and how the Baile Funk music is made by Jordan Murphy

The culture's influence on Baile Funk by Chasity Clayton

How is Baile Funk considered multicultural by Jenna Pierce

Artists of Baile Funk by Bryan Fixelle

Zuzuka Poderosa by Jesse Fixelle

Where is Baile Funk popular and with what listeners by Carlisia Sapp

The Global Expansion of Baile Funk by Kelly Terry

Roles and Responsibilities

Name Task
Jacquy Aristhene Copy Editor and writer
Macy Blomeley Wiki Editor/Programmer and writer
Chastity Clayton Multimedia Specialist and writer
Bryan Fixelle Bibliographer and writer
Jesse Fixelle Bibliographer and writer
Jordan Murphy Discographer and writer
Jenna Pierce Discographer and writer
Carlisia Sapp Webographer and writer
Kelly Terry Webographer and writer



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