Ethiopian Diaspora: A Collective Contribution to the Global Landscape of Musical Culture

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Welcome to Ethiopia! Ethiopia has a rich tradition of both secular and religious music, singing and dancing, and these together constitute an important part of Ethiopian cultural life. Singing accompanies many agricultural activities, as well as religious festivals and ceremonies surrounding life's milestones - birth, marriage, and death.The various tribes and ethnic groups of Ethiopia have their own distinct music culture and tradition. The Tigrayans to the north have a smooth, circular dance routine culminated with shoulder and neck movement. The Amharas of central Ethiopia have a dance style dominated by upper body and neck movement. The Oromos, of central and south Ethiopia have a jumping style and full body dance routine. The Gurages have an acrobatic dance that requires high level of arm, leg and body coordination. As you can see the customs and traditions vary among the different regions of Ethiopia. One thing remains constant -the love of music. Join us into the exploration of a culture that has permeated, indeed transformed, through space and time! -Claudia Nieblas


Musical Instruments


Masenko (Chordophone)


Krar (Aerophone)


Washint (Aerophone)


Sistrum (Idiophone)


Kebero (Membranophone)


Begena (Chordophone)


Ethiopian Music in Context

Historical Journey of Ethiopian Music, Origins

Historical Journey of Ethiopian Music, Continued


An Introduction to Ethiopian Traditional Music

Ethiopian Music Cultures

Music Theory & Ethiopian Music

Umm Kulthum

Mahmoud Ahmed a Founder and Influence on Ethiopian Music

Crossing International Borders

Ethiopian Diaspora in America

Ethiopian Diaspora in Israel


Contemporary and Traditional Ethiopian Music


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By: Hannah Purseglove


Rough Guide To The Music of Ethiopia - various artists (2004)
1. Addis Abada Bete
2. Ene Negn Bay Manesh
3. Atchalkum
4. Dodge
5. Muziqawi Silt
6. Tchewata
7. Sele Sene Seqlet
8. Y'shebellu
9. Antchi Hoye Lene
10. Alegntaye
11. Bemen Sebeb Letlash
12. Hasabe
13. Sabye
14. Ete Endenesh Gedawo
15. Medley


Ethiopia - Wpretaw Wubet (2008)
1. Sendel Gelaye
2. Loga Nesh
3. Woy Dire
4. Tey Minew
5. Ethiopia
6. Gud Aregshign
7. Teyim Kongjo
8. Marewa
9. Mewded



Ethiopia:Love Songs (1997)
1. Bati
2. Yeberutma
3. Tirut Yebatin Lig
4. Tew Maneh
5. Abo Yiba
6. Fikre Endeneh
7. Kiraren Bikagnew
8. Smith Man Yibabal
9. Ambassal
10. Sewnetua
11. Kibir Temesgen
12. Yene Neh Woy


Ethiopian Knights- Donald Byrd (1971)
1. The Emperor
2. Jamie
3. The Little Rasti



Ethiopiques- Mohmoud Ahmed (1999)
1. Almaz Men Eda New
2. Asha Gedawo
3. Tchebo Aymolam
4. Feqer Endegena
5. Ambassel
6. Zemedie
7. Kulun Mankwalesh
8. Mela Mela
9. Antchiye
10. Nafqot New Yegodagn
11. Yasdestal

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