Historical Journey Of Ethiopian Music Origins -By Kara Kozloski

Time Line Of Ethiopia 1490-1930

1490- Pero da Covilha, Portuguese explorer, reached Ethiopia
1506- An Armenian by the name of Matthew was sent to by the Ethiopian Emperor to Portugal to ask for help against the Muslims.
1520- A Portuguese fleet arrived to help and they stayed in Ethiopia for five years, The Portuguese influenced Ethiopia a lot culturally, including music.
1528-1540- Muslims invaded Ethiopia, and overtook the kingdom.
1541- A Portuguese fleet arrived and helped in the war against the Muslims.
1543- Emporer was forced to leave the country.
1633- Jesuits were forced to leave Ethiopia.
1730- Empress Mentewab became co-ruler over Ethiopia with her son.
1755- Empress Mentewab died
1796- Emperor Iyoas was killed
1805- Britain made an alliance with Ethiopia
1855-1868- Reign of Emperor Tewodros II
1865- Tewodros II faked an alliance between Ethiopia and Britain.
1872-1889- Yohannes IV ruled over Ethiopia.
1882- Italian government bought a port in Ethiopia, they influenced the Ethiopians with culture, including music.
1887- There was a huge battle in Gallabat that Ethiopia was a part of.
1888- Italian armed forces entered Ethiopia, but instead of fighting Ethiopia and Italy negotiated.
1889-1913- Ethiopia was ruled by Menelek II
1889- Menelek II the Treaty of Wuchale, which allowed the Italians to settle in a northern portion of Ethiopia, this was when Western culture really started to influence Ethiopia, In every way especially with music.
1896- Ethiopia defeated Italy in the Battle of Adowa. , Also a treaty was signed that acknowledge Ethiopia as an independent country.
1902- First railroad was completed in Ethiopia by the French. The French also influenced them culturally including with music.
1916- Menelek’s daughter Zauditu became Empress of Ethiopia.
1930- Emporer Haile Selassie I took over the thrown of Ethiopia

Since Ethiopia was not a country that was established till later, there is not a lot of the history of music in Ethiopia before World War II. There are a lot of things that did occur with Ethiopia that influenced the country culturally, which included music. The country had a lot of influences culturally because they were a country with a port city that a lot of countries wanted. Ethiopia was heavily influenced by European countries because they wanted control over their ports. Before European countries wanted control over Ethiopia. Ethiopia was a country that had a lot of Muslims. Since, a lot of Muslims do not believe in music to worship, Ethiopia was not influenced by their music culture. They were influenced by the Muslims by not creating music. After the Muslims left the Europeans heavily influenced Ethiopia. First it was the British who influenced them with their culture and music, when they marched through the capital city. Then the Italians came and bought a port, which influenced them a little bit. Once the Italians settled in the northern part of Ethiopia, the Ethiopians were extremely influenced by them. This was when they were introduced to a lot of European instruments. Ethiopia was influenced by both Muslims and Europeans before World War II, but a lot of their music was not known about until after the war.

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